ATIKU experience in private and public sector has equipped him

ATIKU experience in private and public sector has equipped him

ATIKU experience in private and public sector has equipped him

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For a while now the polity is filled with buzz and frenzy on Atiku returning home to his party. A lot has been said, some see him as a serial decampee, to some a man with unquenchable political desire and people like me, see him as man with mission and vision for this great nation where we will be the first black nation to be recognised  a first world country.

Who is Atiku and how come a man that not too long ago was hated by majority of the populace suddenly become the bride everyone wants to be with? The answer is simple, the faliure of this present government to deliver on its campaign promises and Atiku’ s gradual and steady political manovoirs made this possible. Atiku identified with the youths, felt the pulse of the nation spoke more of a better nation through restructuring something most of the leaders from the North shy away from. He knew quite well that the nation stood to gain when restructured.

When his former party where busy blaming the past administration on our economy  woes, instead of sitting down and fashioning out a model through which the nation will recover. Atiku tried engaging the president and his team on the need of focusing on the present and future of our nation, formulate policies that will as a matter of urgency allievate the suffering of the masses, he was ignored.

As a strong member of APC, the presidency saw him as treat instead of an ally because of his presidential ambition. They chose to fight him, his companies and who so ever that associate with him. They demonized him in the pages of newspapers, tv’s and social media’s  forgetting that the people are now wise and cannot fall prey to that propaganda which they used to wrestle power from PDP.

Against his many good advise to the presidency and the party, they decided to play a politics of opposition and ruling, the core element of good governance was ignored. Though I don’t blame them it is Jonathan that gave the masses reason to try another party that I blame.

ATIKU experience in private and public sector has equipped him with  most if not all the necessary NEEDs required to run this nation. He is a man on a mission, a man that will unit us all, a man that will reward hard work instead of cronies, a man that will make you and i to be proud when reciting the national anthem and pledge, a man that will give more priority on youth development through education and recognition of special talents. A man that will make you see your fellow citizen as participant in nation building not minding his or her political, religious or tribal affiliation.

Come 2019 for patriotism sake, we all must see to it that APC  lead government is removed from power. A goverment that celebrates mediocrity is not worth being given another term. The level of witch hunting in this administration is mind blowing and should be in guieness world record. Let us take back our nation from this vampires that are bent on destroying our future and that of our children.

Agumadu Christopher

Social commentator



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