PDP Convention 2017: The Facts And Politics By Akinloye NG

PDP Convention 2017: The Facts And Politics By Akinloye NG

PDP Convention 2017: The Facts And Politics By Akinloye NG

The People’s Democratic Party national convention 2017 which just ended was successful albeit but not with its political blame game relative to politics.


Leave Fayose and Wike out of Secondus’ emergence as PDP Chairman. Because you’ll be partially wrong.

Recall that Secondus is from a PDP stronghold -South South, which is bordering another PDP formidable end -South East. These two regions are known as opposition regions and are receiving punishment for that from the ongoing pro-corruption government at the centre.

Consider that Secondus have the two PDP-controled states in the entire North -Gombe and Taraba with him right from time till date. They were in the post-election legal trenches together, and they survived.

Note that Secondus have great backers like Fayose, Wike and Fani-Kayode which are the only audible voices of opposition since APC came to power, and they’re ready to continue to talk and also finance Secondus office opposition wise.

Also know that those aspirants of PDP South West extraction are from APC-controlled region, never sticked their necks speaking out for PDP when it’s tough for the party, yet without financial backer that can face fg, Tinubu, Ajimobi, Aregbesola, Amosun and Ambode combined.

Also consider that in politics, it is always better to take such a sensitive position to where your party is voiced, defended, strongest and most formidable.

Then leave out all those pretending to be sympathising with PDP South West, which are purely members of APC, and won’t help when it’s time for the 2019 roforofo ahead.

Know that It will be foolishness on any man’s part to think a Fayose in Ekiti will back an Adeniran who sorted for his backers outside Ekiti, he won’t even fund him.

Also recall that a George has never won a Lagos even as an Obasanjo/Fg/INEC-backed South West Deputy Chairman, and with four factions of PDP in Lagos now.

Note that in Ogun, a Kashamu will never accept or finance a Daniel or mix with an Adebutu.

Also consider that all of them from this region of just six states with only one PDP-controllled Ekiti MUST vie against two aspirants from allied region of eleven states of eight PDP-controlled plus Gombe and Taraba which can knock off Edo and Imo.

Note also that a state with PDP in government plus its local government numbers will have more delegates than non-PDP ones.

Consequent upon all these laid facts, victory have no choice than to first a secondus who was once a Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman of the same PDP, to be the national chairman.

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