#SCRAPSARS By Charles Ogbu.

My position is that there is no amount of reform that will cleanse SARS of its numberless iniquities.


Scrap SARS Now!

SARS has killed more Nigerians UNREPORTED than Terrorist Group. As unbelievable as this might sound, a simple survey from Nigerians who are direct victims of these uniformed Savages called SARS operatives will vindicate me. There is hardly no adult Nigerian without a horrible story to tell about SARS.

I challenge the Inspector General of police to sample Nigerians’ opinion on this.

SARS don’t see themselves as police.

They believe that they are above the law!

SARS are also the highest lawbreakers!

They kill with impunity.

As I type this, there is a screenshot evidence circulating online showing how SARS forced an innocent man to go withdraw money from ATM for them.

In this FCT, I have seen SARS shoot two guys to death simply for playing WHOT (ordinary Card) They came and the guys tried to run and they opened fire. This happened in Nyanya Area C.

At SARS headquarters in FCT, there are strong, very strong rumours that some suspects are summarily executed and thrown into a very deep ditch nearby. Matter of fact, the place is popularly known as Abattoir. If you go there and come back alive, you count yourself lucky.

Contrary to their name Special Anti-robbery Squad, SARS don’t handle robbery cases. They are the armed robbers themselves. Driving a flashy car could get you arrested by Enugu SARS but you will be released with the speed of light if you part with some cash. Going to buy matches to light your gas at home could land you in the hands of Anambra SARS. You will immediately be branded an armed robber to justify the huge bailout fee they will impose on you.

A simple landlord/tenant disagreement could bring Abuja SARS to one’s doorstep and their bailout is nothing less than 20k even if your ‘offense’ is calling someone an idiot. In places like Rivers state and Onitsha, their bailout is up to 100k. If your people can’t pay, your name is sorry. I know one family that sold their ancestral land to bail their son from SARS. If you take them to court, be ready for the unimaginable. These guys are conscience-less. Their humanity is non-existent.

My Abuja landlord once threatened me with SARS, I disappeared from the compound even when as a young man, I neither drink nor smoke and I don’t do crime. I have never been arrested for once for any reason at all but I knew if Abuja SARS knocks on my door, it is a very long walk to freedom for me.

Abuja SARS don’t take suspects to court, you either pay outrageous sum for your release or they send you on a forced errand to your Maker. They seize dead bodies of their victims, too. Abuja residents understand what I am saying.

I once had a neighbour who spent 42 days with Abuja SARS for beating his girlfriend. He was later bailed with 30k. He’s still alive and can confirm this, assuming the authority care to investigate.

The terrible things SARS has done to Nigerians don’t happen even in Somalia.

The worst is they don’t even obey court order.

If they shoot you dead, they will quickly plant a gun on you and tag you armed robber killed during exchange of fire.

These uniformed terrorists shoot people for something as insignificant as having a tattoo on the body.

The only difference between SARS and ISIS or Boko haram terror group is just a matter of nomenclature. Nothing more.

Scrap SARS now!

As criminally oppressive as Police and mobile police are, they are better than these rogues called SARS.

SARS are worse than armed robbers because while the latter (Robbers) will rob and free you, the former (SARS) will rob and kill you to cover up their crime.


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