A land noted for peace: By Abednego Oli Ben

A land noted for peace: By Abednego Oli Ben

A land noted for peace:
By Abednego Oli Ben


A land noted for peace, a land where evil was condemned and thieves openly paraded in our playgrounds, total excommunication was practiced to shame culprits, aimed to deter crime and our kinsmen valued their gygyood names more than ill-gotten wealth but suddenly crime, ill-gotten wealth and evil practices prevailed in our land. And our sons and daughters killed themselves. 😔😔😔

At a time when the people we looked up to; could not salvage the situation and the glory of our land was almost gone. Our land which was known for economic vibrancy, gradually faded and almost became a ghost land. We prayed and cried to God for help.

Suddenly you emerged with zeal to win and restore the glory of our land and even when it became worse after your tenure as care taker chairman, you continued your good initiatives with resources available.

Hon. Ike Nkos Obuzor, your zeal to stimulate and restore peace in our father land is greatly treasured by concerned citizens of Ekpeye nation. Your initiatives are giant strides which has never been in our records. Your liberality cuts across local governments. You emerged to unite Ekpeye, and you exhibited exemplary leadership. You took up the Ekpeye present day challenge as a personal project, working day and night. We are all witnesses and none can ignore the truth.

Yes! hopes are high, especially with our QUEEN ESTHER in the Brick House. I wish His Excellency, Barr. Ezenwo Wike is giving you more attention, recognition and support to meet the expectation of our people. We need good roads, hospitals, factories, rural agriculture development programs, MSME development programs and many more. May God answer our prayers in Jesus name. Amen!

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